Thunder Beach Changes Autumn 2012 Dates

Panama City Beach:  Thunder Beach Productions has announced that while the  Spring 2012 dates will be the same as always, still attached to the 1st Sunday of May, the autumn rally is moving ahead one week in an attempt to show local officials the benefit of  moving the event to the 2nd weekend in October, and making it permanent, instead of the 1st weekend

 Autumn Rally – Wednesday October 10th through Sunday October 14th, 2012

Joe Biggs, President of Thunder Beach Productions released information to local businesses and vendors with their side of the argument.

 ” For years we have been trying to secure the 2nd weekend of October, just before Biketoberfest, which is always, the 3rd weekend.  This would enable the attendance of the many National Vendors who come to the Spring Rally but, can’t attend the Autumn Rally because of unmovable schedule conflicts.  Virtually every National Vendor who comes in the Spring (and then some) has committed to the Fall Rally if we move the dates as noted!  More after the poll

(The Biggest and Best Bike Show in Florida, STEELHORSE LAW Best of the BEACH)

With the demise of the Seafood Festival, we thought that we were a shoe-in to get the Columbus Day weekend dates.  Not so.  A narrow majority of the TDC Board felt that weekend was the “last chance to get family business” during the fall season.  So they came up with the “Pirates of the High Seas Festival”.  While it is awkward for us to comment on the perceived success of this event, I’m sure all of you lodging folks can!  For 2012 the “problem” has been temporarily removed by the calendar. Columbus Day, always the 2nd Monday in October, falls on October 8th. The TDC has reserved Frank Brown Park for its Pirate Fest the prior weekend, which leaves the following weekend open for Thunder Beach. Since Biketoberfest is always the 3rd weekend in October, vendors will have no conflicts with vending at Thunder Beach in route to Daytona. Note: This calendar opportunity is for 2012 Only. In 2013, Columbus Day is once again the 2nd weekend.  Our goal is to grow the Autumn Rally to be as successful as the Spring Rally. With your help, we are confident this will happen.  Next year Thunder Beach Productions will be requesting to keep Thunder Beach the 2nd weekend in October for 2013 and beyond.  We will need all of our Sponsors and Business Partners to help make this happen by making your voices heard.  We must convince the City Council and the TDC that Thunder Beach be allowed this 2nd weekend in October.  Bed Tax Collectors and the Business Community need to come together with their support for Thunder Beach.

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