Indian Announces 2012 Models and Pricing

When Polaris Industries bought the iconic Indian brand in April of this year it was wildly speculated that Polaris would introduce sweeping changes to the marquee.  At the dealer meeting the new models were unveiled and there were very few changes evident.  This wasn’t surprising to industry watchers.  It takes time to overhaul designs.  Major engine architecture modifications, if that’s the direction Polaris is going, won’t be seen for at least another year.

Gone is the Indian RoadMaster, and there’s no Indian Scout, despite internet rumors to the contrary.

Yet with only three new models, there is little doubt they’ve felt the strong hand of legendary Polaris engineering.  Behind the scenes in the areas of quality, fit and finish these 2012 models are sure to be vastly improved  across the board.

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Retail prices have remained somewhat constant from last year.  The Vintage Chief starts at $35,999 and tops out at $36,899.  The Indian Chief Classic retails at $26,499 and the Indian Chief Darkhorse is just shy of $28,000.

Additionally for the first model year under this new stewardship, the inaugural motorcycles will be numbered to 110 – signifying the years since the Indian Motorcycle brand was born. These numbered motorcycles will be highly collectible with badges and certificates authenticating the historical significance of the first production run of bikes under Polaris ownership.

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