Time for a Trike for Judas Priest Halford

properly on the kickstand...for now

It never fails. There’s always a crowd around when you drop your motorcycle, and some idiot in the crowd will have a cellphone out and just happen to be taping you for a YouTube moment.

If you don’t believe it, just ask JUDAS PRIEST frontman Rob Halford who fell off the Harley-Davidson that he was riding on the stage during the final song during a September concert in Brasilia, Brazil.

It appears from the dozens of videos posted on YouTube that Halford forgot to put the kickstand down and the Harley, which isn’t equipped with an automatic idiot proof kick stand promptly fell over.

Halford wasn’t injured, or didn’t appear to be. He was helped up by band mates and crew who righted the still running motorcycle, to which the klutzy rocker got back on and raised his arms defiantly to the gods of gravity with his fans screaming approval at the gesture.

Hardcore Judas Priest fans were hardly shocked at this latest motorcycle mishap as Haliford broke his nose and was knocked unconscious in 1990 when he struck a misplaced prop while riding in on a different Harley-Davidson during his final performance with the band in 1990. (He rejoined the band in 2003) When asked about his creative fascination with biker culture during an interview with Liana Dawes of Hellbound, Halford commented, “The whole association with motorcycles and Judas Priest goes back to ‘Hell Bent for Leather’ — whenever that song was written… When we were touring in England, we thought that it would be cool if we could bring the bike on stage when we did the song, as it seemed like the right thing to do. So when we would go to a city we would ask one of our crew to see if there were any motorcycle guys or girls that had parked their bikes and could we use their bikes and give them a couple of T-shirts, or buy them a drink and that type of thing.”

Judas Priest is currently headlining their farewell “Epitaph” tour, which is set to hit the U.S. beginning Oct. 12 in San Antonio, Texas. Maybe it’s time for Halford, who recently turned 60, to join the ranks of old geezers who add a wheel to their ride. Just saying.

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