Georgia Handlebar Height Law Could Affect Dealers

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Rep. Jon Yates (R. Griffin) has introduced HB166 to repeal the maximum handlebar height on motorcycles, as well as allow for motorcyclists to safely and legally proceed through traffic lights that do not recognize the motorcycle.   The bill is currently stalled in the House Public Safety Committee due to opposition by the Insurance lobby. Since Harley-Davidson, and a few other manufacturers currently produce stock motorcycles with handlebars that do not meet the requirements, dealerships around the state are concerned about the economic and liability impact should this restriction remain in effect. Joey Brush, legislative lobbyist for ABATE of Georgia has asked all dealers who could be impacted to contact the leadership in the House of Representatives asking for their support to repeal this old law, that has no basis for motorcycle safety; causes liability concerns for the dealer and manufacturer and has very real economic impact should the manufacturers decide to stop allowing their motorcycles to be marketing in Georgia.


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Yes there should be a limit. The pic above should be about the limit. But it should not be the height from ground but should be the height from the mount to the top of the grips. U can not tell me that having bars 2.5 feet above ur head is not a riding hazard.


They should because too tall of ape hangers are a problem. That bike in the pic in my opinion looks terrible.

Colby Butler

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