Movie Star Rides From Chicago To California Without Helmet; Can't Get Cops To Write Citation

Wiliam Shatner tried and tried, but he just couldn’t get arrested during his 2,500-mile motorcycle trip across the country.

“I was wearing this hat all the way, even in states that had helmet laws,” said the 84-year-old actor, referring to the billed cap that served as his only head protection during an eight-day trip from Chicago to Los Angeles onboard a three-wheeled motorcycle.

“When an actor says, ‘I can’t get arrested,’ he doesn’t mean ‘arrested,’” said Shatner, who arrived in L.A. Tuesday afternoon. “I couldn’t.”

The hat in question was from Rivet Motors – the Aurora, Ill., company with whom Shatner partnered to build a 2,400-pound, 14-foot-long, sheet-metal behemoth powered with a 500-horsepower Cadillac engine and 26-inch rear wheels. The Rivet One, as it’s called, was the bike Shatner was supposed to ride on a trip that began June 23 as the promotional vehicle for the bike’s builder, a fundraising vehicle for the American Legion Armed Forces veterans group and as the vehicular star of an upcoming documentary called “The Ride.”

But after discovering, on the first day, that the Rivet One could only ride in a straight line, Shatner switched to a Harley-Davidson trike, and instead trailered the Rivet for show.

For the next week, the legendary “Star Trek” actor endured various travails common to the American road trip. He ran out of gas. He burned his thighs during an especially grueling 115-degree stint through the Mojave Desert. He witnessed a car crash in to his team’s chase bus.  Read More at the Orange Co Register


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@Mike R July 02, 2015….Did you miss the part where it said it was a fundraiser?? Of course it was a publicity thing…..You can’t raise funds if nobody knows about it!!!!

Charles Fultz

Mike R’s a lot of fun at a party.

Steve C

So, he was on a trike, which in most states does NOT require a helmet. And better still the ‘Project vehicle’ he was trying to promote couldn’t be ridden because it wont turn corners. Sounds like a bunch of publicity gathering to me!

Mike R

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