Biker Captures His Head-On Crash With Firetruck

With less than 7 months of motorcycle riding under his belt,Jesse Lopez knows what it means to stare death in the face, after this horrific head on crash with a County fire truck. The accident happened on Glendora Mountain Road and Glendora Range Road in the Angeles National  Forest, near Los Angeles California. Lopez was on his first "mountain road ride" since buying the bike. Lopez says he fixated on the fire truck as he rounded the corner but says at least his choice of target was a good one. "I'm lucky I ran into a fire truck that was able to radio for help."   After the accident knocked the camera from his helmet, his friend picks it up at 11:03 and walks around, and captures the scene with the firemen attending to his friend.  Judging from the complete destruction of the bike, it's no wonder Lopez is lucky to be alive.
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As a long time Harley Rider and a proud American. I am sorry to hear that you have decided to completely eliminate the Confederate flag from some pictures. That flag was not a symbol of racism it was a battleflag and many white as well as black men fought and died for what they believed in. I think it is a mistake to not consider how some pictures can show the history of our country. I do however understand why you don’t want to be associated with the flag. I see no problem with displaying it on things but I don’t think it should be flown on a flagpole, we have a flag for that. We are one nation. Thanks for letting me voice my opinion.

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