Ray Price Motorsports Racing Team Announces Retirement

Ray Price Motorsports Racing Team Announces Retirement

Leaves 48 Year Drag Racing Legacy

When Ray Price died last month, the tight knit motorcycle community in North Carolina mourned his passing. 

Today his drag racing team has announced its retirement and the whole drag racing industry and community of fans are feeling the loss even more acutely.

Ray Price is credited with numerous innovations through out his almost 50 year legacy in the sport but the biggest one is the creation of the first wheelie bar used on a motorcycle.  

The press release read in part; 

“The Ray Price name has been synonymous with motorcycle drag racing in the NHRA and IHRA (International Hot Rod Association) for nearly half a century. The team has a long history of remarkable racing accomplishments, which enables us to feel a great sense of pride with today’s announcement of the retirement of the Ray Price Motorsports Racing Team from competitive drag racing,” said Mark Hendrix, general manager of Ray Price, Inc

“Over the years, everyone worked extremely hard and built many great friendships with sponsors, fans and competitor teams,” said Hendrix. “Winning championships is not possible without the commitment from a great team of sponsors and the finest technicians in the business, including racer Tommy Grimes, engine builder Justin Heinle, crew chief Jeremy Hoy, and team manager Mark Morgan. Everyone deserves recognition for the team accomplishments over the years, and yet the friendships and camaraderie across the sport, with all the memories, is what we celebrate the most.”



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