Colorado Motorcycle Expo Returns after Shooting in 2016-Clubs Banned

Colorado Motorcycle Expo Returns after Shooting in 2016-Clubs Banned

Two years after a Iron Order MC member shot and killed a Mongols MC member during the Colorado Motorcycle Expo, the event will return to the National Western Complex in Denver. 

Victor Mendoza, 46, was shot and killed during the fight, which took place while the Colorado Motorcycle Expo was going on at the complex’s Expo Hall in February 2016. He died from a bullet wound to the chest.

Derrick Duran, a member of the Iron Order, was not charged after he claimed he fired in self-defense at Mendoza.

Due to the violence in 2016, the event was canceled the following year.  

The Iron Order MC is comprised primarily of individuals employed in the public safety sector and wear three-piece patches similar in design to the outlaw 1% clubs.

The nature of the dispute was never publicized but it was widely assumed that there exists a territorial dispute between the clubs. The Mongols claim exclusive territory to "fly colors" in Denver and require any other 3 piece patch club to obtain "permission" from them before wearing their "cut" or patches in public.  The Iron Order does not recognize the authority of 1% clubs to regulate when and where they can "fly their colors."  

Both clubs have been banned from the event, and no knives, guns, drugs or outside alcohol will be allowed. Metal detectors will be used at the January 27-28, 2018 event to screen attendees.



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