Florida Man Jailed on Veterans Fundraising Scam

Florida Man Jailed on Veterans Fundraising Scam

An Ormond Beach man has been arrested for using a bogus veterans charity to scam people out of thousands of dollars including an NFL running back according to a report from the Volusia County Sheriff's department.

Christopher Blake, 46, of Ormond Beach, was arrested Friday by Volusia County sheriff’s detectives after they were alerted to his alleged misdeeds when he posted a selfie he took w with Volusia Sheriff Mike Chitwood.

Chitwood said he started receiving numerous calls about Blake after that photo hit social media and Chitwood said that's what ultimately caused us to start looking into his activities.

Blake was at a community forum when he requested and took the photo with Sheriff Chitwood, although the department nor the Sheriff were affiliated with Blake's bogus organization.

Deputies say they started investigating the Second Chance Veterans Foundation, run by Blake, and discovered (among other irregularities) that the foundation's website and facebook page was selling tickets for a bike "donated" by Bruce "meyers" Harley-Davidson,to be given away at the Ace Cafe in Orlando from Nov. 3rd until Memorial Day 2018.  

According to Deputies, Ace Cafe and Rossmeyer HD denies any involvement in the fundraiser.

Blake has also reportedly stiffed local business owners for promotional materials to promote a veteran's fundraiser, and he owes the Debary Golf and Country Club $6,500 for a fundraising event held there, as well as owing hundreds to the Holiday Inn in Orange City, and at least $20,000 in back rent for office space in Daytona.

Blake also stiffed former NFL running back Gerald Riggs for a $2,500 appearance fee at the celebrity golf tournament.

Sheriff Chitwood was blunt in his assessment of Blake and told reporters,  “He’s a scumbag."  


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