Harley-Davidson Plans 50 New Models Over Next Five Years

Harley-Davidson Plans 50 New Models Over Next Five Years

With sales dropping, both domestically and worldwide, Harley-Davidson Inc. plans to introduce 50 new motorcycles over the next five years and chief executive Matt Levatich promised “a new era of product development.”

“I’ve never been more excited about our product pipeline in my 22 years here at Harley-Davidson,” Levatich said.

He said the company has invested in refining its product development process over the last several years and things like Project LiveWire, Rushmore, the Milwaukee Eight engine and a new suspension system represent the leading edge of the new products to come.

“If people were excited about the projects I just named, they haven’t seen anything yet,” Levatich said, although he did not get into specifics, except to say Harley would reinvent product segments and push into new ones.

He added that the company plans to continue its efforts to attract new riders and will also seek to embrace the used motorcycle market as an opportunity to bolster those efforts.

“We’re called to preserve the sport by engaging and inspiring new riders,” he said, cautioning that the ambitious goals are a long-term play that will provide value in the years to come.

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