Honda Revises The Rebel

Honda Revises The Rebel

Thirty-one years ago, Honda introduced a scrappy little cruiser it called The Rebel. As a perfect entry level bike, the Rebel soon became the go-to bike for MSF training and was used by instructors all around the USA to train new riders.

That's how it remained, largely unchanged for three decades.  Today the little bike that could gets an update in design. 

The Rebel will come in two different sizes, a 300 version and a 500. The Rebel 300 is powered by the same 286cc thumper found in the CBR300R and CB300F, while the Rebel 500 gets the 471cc parallel-twin found in the CBR500R, CB500F, and CB500x.

.The biggest difference will be power, as both sport identical 3-gallon tanks.  The Rebel 300 will sell in the neighborhood of $4,400, while the 500  cost slightly less than $6,000.

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