Man Robs Bank To Buy Harley

Man Robs Bank To Buy Harley

In a story that could've been written by the satire site The Onion, police say William Ethridge robbed West Star Federal Credit Union in Las Vegas Tuesday and got away with approximately $19,000.

In the robbery, Ethridge took one of the tellers hostage and as he walking out of the credit union took a married couple hostage during a carjacking.

Ethridge then forced the three hostages to drop him off at the Harley Davidson dealership at 5191 S. Las Vegas Blvd where he went in and tried to buy a motorcycle.  We don't know which model, but probably not a CVO since those models are more than the amount of cash he had in his pocket.

the hostages fled across the street, to a conveniently located police substation and notified officers inside.  

Police arrived at the scene and arrested Ethridge with no further incidents. There were no reported injuries.

Metro spokesman Jay Rivera called this robbery very unusual in a press release. “Usually bank robberies don’t turn out like this. They go in and make demands and come out,” said Rivera.

Rivera added that Ethridge is facing counts of robbery, kidnapping and car theft.  An added charge of being stupid while walking is also being considered.  (not really but we couldn't help ourselves) 

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