MIchigan Woman Cited for Riding Naked

MIchigan Woman Cited for Riding Naked

Jackson Michigan police gave a ticket to a woman for riding on the back of a motorcycle in her birthday suit.

Police chief Elmer Hitt said Friday the woman, a 46-year-old Jackson County resident, was completely nude while a passenger on a motorcycle that traveled in the area around Wisner Street at about 8:30 a.m.

He said the male driver of the motorcycle and the woman passenger are friends.

“She indicated that she's kind of a thrill-seeker and felt like doing something crazy,” the police chief said. “It is a high-traffic area, especially at that time of day, and a lot of people who were out and about saw her and called us.”

One of the department's officers who was at a convenience store nearby heard the radio call about the woman and saw her and the driver go by when he looked through a window, Hitt said.

"By the time the officer caught up to them at an intersection, the passenger tried to put on a coat to cover the top half of her body," he said. "He ended up issuing a misdemeanor ticket under one of our city ordinances for her appearance and she was released."

The motorcyclist was not cited, Hitt said.

*note*(the photo is not from this incident, it is used for illustration purposes only) 

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