Ozark Motorcycle Dealership Closes without Warning; Customers Get Stiffed

Ozark Motorcycle Dealership Closes without Warning; Customers Get Stiffed

According to a local television station WKY3, Midwest Cycle Center in Ozark Missouri closed up and locked its doors this week without warning and now some customers are on the hook for thousands of dollars in deposits and warranty work on vehicles purchased at the shop.

The Better Business Bureau is advising customers to "lawyer up" and the city of Ozark says the business license was never renewed for 2017, which indicates the owners knew the business was in trouble but kept taking deposits on bikes it was selling.

"I paid one thousand dollars down," said Toni Nehls. Nehls just bought a seventeen thousand dollar Harley.

"I don't have a title so I can't get a license for my bike. I have paid for gap insurance. I won't have that now. The bike has seven thousand miles on it and now we don't have a warranty," she said

"They've been an accredited business with us. They show a three and a half million dollar a year revenue stream. People don't go from a multi-million revenue stream to shut the door and walk away ... that's weird. That's very strange. We don't see that very often at all," said Jon Anfinson with the Better Business Bureau.

The website is not working, and the voice mailbox for the business is full.  The Google business listing already shows the business as "permanently closed."  

The three year old business is listed as an LLC and shows Nate Powers, and Zach Hopper as the business contacts.  If you have a complaint about this business file a report with the Missouri Attorney General at 800-392-8222.

This article uses information from a report on WKY3 television station. 

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pos nathan powers and needs to be stopped having people false arrested although it didnt work to his advantage but i am out alot of owed money from him


Owners name was Nathan Powers who also goes by Nathan McClellan. He is a conman who use to work in West Plains. Owns a bunch of businesses and takes advantage of people.


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