Police Officer Said She Thought They Were Supposed to Let Rival Clubs "Fight it out" in Waco

Police Officer Said She Thought They Were Supposed to Let Rival Clubs "Fight it out" in Waco

Multiple media outlets are reporting that law enforcement in Waco were negilgent in their preparation leading up to the violent shootout at the Twin Peaks Restaurant on May 17 2015.

In parking lots surrounding the Twin Peaks restaurant just off Interstate 35, 16 police officers, including a SWAT team of 11, were poised with assault rifles in five police cars and two unmarked SUVs. Seven state police, some undercover, were inside the restaurant or nearby.

But, according to insiders, law enforcement had overwheliming intelligence there was a high probability of violence that day between the Cossacks and the Bandidos who werer attending that meeting and did nothing to stop the meeting, putting the public at risk.

Not long after the first Bandidos rolled into the parking lot, the shooting started.

A SWAT officer said he saw a biker fire first. But evidence isn't clear who started the deadliest biker shootout in U.S. history that left nine bikers dead and 20 wounded. Police bullets struck four bikers, killing at least two of them. Police arrested 177 bikers and state authorities indicted 154. Jury selection began this week in the first of those trials, against Bandidos Dallas chapter president Christopher "Jake" Carrizal for leading and engaging in organized criminal activity

The animosity between the Bandidos and Cossacks may date from November 2013, when Cossacks started wearing a "Texas" patch on the back of motorcycle jackets — seen as a provocation to the Bandidos.

It came to a head in March 2015, at the small town of Lorena near Waco, when a group of suspected Cossacks beat-up a Bandido with chains and metal pipes. The injured Bandido did not press charges.

Waco detective Rogers learned in April from an informant that the bikers were planning to meet at Waco in May.

Also in April, the FBI reported that the Bandidos discussed "going to war" with the Cossacks at a biker rally in West Texas. Law enforcement warned both clubs there would be a strong police presence. There was no significant violence.

As the Twin Peaks meeting approached, communications became more ominous. On May 1, Rogers warned in an email to a colleague: "the potential for violence is very high."

The morning of the meeting, Rogers was "very nervous," and predicted a "high probability for violence."

The shooting lasted just three minutes but left a scene of carnage.

In a conversation captured by her bodycam, Waco police officer Nicki Stone told a colleague after the shooting, "I really didn't think it was going to end like this."

"I thought that we were supposed to stay back and let them fight this out," she said.

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