Dragon crash survivor and the man who found him

Rider Credits "Divine Intervention" For Rescue From Certain Death After Accident On The Dragon

As he lay deep in the woods, over one hundred feet down an embankment off the Tail of The Dragon, , Kevin Diepenbrock prepared to die.

Diepenbrocks body was too broken for him to crawl back up to the highway.  

With no signal for his cell phone, his desperate calls for help, and posts to Facebook did not make it to the outside world.  

The only thing left was his voice, and for almost 30 hours, he tried to yell loud enough so someone would hear him.

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His friend, and riding buddy, Phil Polito, lay somewhere nearby, already dead.  The two friends were taking one last ride of the season, and something happened to cause Polito to crash into the rear of Dipenbrock, sending both careening over the edge and down the steep embankment. 

Dipenbrock told WBIR 10News that he laid there and made peace with his fate, and used his phone to record the end.

"Trying to save my battery but I also had made several goodbye videos for people to watch because I honestly didn't think I was going to make it out," he said.

Eventually - nearly 30 hours later - a car happened to pull over near Diepenbrock, and his cries for help were heard.

"No doubt in my mind it was divine intervention," he said. "There's no reason why people should've stopped where they stopped. There's no reason after 30 hours that I had enough voice for somebody to hear me."

Next week, Diepenbrock and his wife Courtney will return to their Louisiana home to recover.

"You know, God definitely had his hand over him that day," Courtney said, "and he had guardian angels looking out for him."


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