Self Driving Harley-Davidson Spotted in the Wild

Self Driving Harley-Davidson Spotted in the Wild

Ok..the secret is out.  It seems Harley-Davidson is experimenting with self-balancing and self driving motorcycles.  Either that or someone needs to call Ghostbusters.. the original not the remake.

This HD was spotted on I-35 near Belton Texas and according to the reports, the owner somehow wrecked his bike, or fell off the bike, or.. .it's Texas.. maybe he was bucked off the bike.. but whatever happened, the bike kept going for about 2 miles before hitting a road sign and eventually falling over.



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I’m really glad that Harely Davidson is making self-balancing self-driving motorcycles now because it’s the only kind that an epileptic person can drive. And I’ve dreamed of having a Harley davidson ever since I was 5 years old, but with having seizers a motorcycle would have to be self-balancing, self-driving, and require no license for me to drive it. And these days you need a vehicle to get mostly everywhere.

Brian Schnoor

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