Theft Victim Must Pay To Get His Harley Back

Theft Victim Must Pay To Get His Harley Back

The wheels of justice grind slowly, and sometimes grind the innocent as well as the guilty.

Monty Cox, of Little Rock Arkansas is learning that lesson the hard way.

A couple of weeks ago his Harley-Davidson Sportster was stolen.  He was crushed. 

"It took me six months of not spending any money on nothing else to buy that and I got it at a really low price from another veteran because he had a stroke and he couldn't ride it anymore,” says Cox. “So he just gave me a really good deal and for six months I saved every penny. I didn't go nowhere. You that's how I got it."

Then he was thrilled to learn police recovered it.

But, then he found out he would have to pay the city a storage/tow fee of $150.  He says he just doesn't have that much spare cash.

"I think the guy who stole it should have to pay,” explains Cox. “I think they should put it on his docket and tell him he is responsible for the tow fee because he's the one who stole it. You know the victim shouldn't be responsible for paying for it. The guy who stole it should. I mean that's common sense you would think…you know?"

The 20 year-old who is alleged to have stolen Mr. Cox's motorcycle was turned in by his own mother. 

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