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Watch Out For Thieves In U-Haul Trucks

Police in South Florida say crooks are using U-Haul trucks to steal bikes in broad daylight. According to ABC Action News, police in Miami and Martin County have arrested two crooks who used a U-Haul to steal motorcycles from garages and apartment complexes. Police say an alert neighbor called 911 to report the thieves after he spotted them inside his neighbor's garage. To keep your bike safe, police say it requires more than just a simple wheel lock, which these crafty crooks are able to bypass by lifting the entire motorcycle onto a dolly or other device and wheeling it into the U-Haul or other type box van. The best way to keep your bike safe is by keeping it inside a structure, or at a minimum using several chains and devices to secure your bike to a permanent structure every time you leave it unattended, even in broad daylight.  

Police say it's important to report any suspicious activity or moving vans in South Florida neighborhoods during this crime spree especially if you notice the vans "cruising" the area more than once.


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