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Why your next motorcycle might be built by Apple

It's a future we don't really want to see, but we're afraid it's coming no matter how much we want to deny it.
According to the New York Times, Apple (yes, the computer and telephone giant)is rumored to be in takeover talks with Lit Motors,  a Bay Area startup that manufactures self-balancing motorcycles.
Why is this relevant to the motorcycle industry?  With the big push towards self driving automobiles, (driven by the heavy hand of the insurance agency) we can see the eventual demise of the motorcycle as it exists today.
Hold on, you say.....they're taking away my motorcycle?  Well, not today, or tomorrow, but there's a day coming, in the not too distant future when self driving vehicles will have completely taken over the highways.  
Governments will be pressured (by the insurance companies) to adopt laws which restrict interstate traffic to self-driving vehicles only.  When this happens, your motorcycle won't be allowed on the super slab.
So no big deal, you say, you don't really like riding the interstate.  Yea, we hear you. we don't like it either, but that is only the start.  
Self driving vehicles are sure to decrease the rate of auto-accidents, thereby leading to a dramatic increase in profits for the insurance companies.  It's my guess they'll then use those profits to start a program where-by consumers are given cash to turn in their clunkers (old cars that can't be adapted to self driving capabilities).
Once self driving cars are the only things allowed on the highways (with the exception of classic cars which might be outlawed as well) then motorcycles will be next.
This self balancing god awful ugly gyro cycle will be the only thing available to the Easy Rider who wants to still lean into the curves, although this is a poor substitute for having your knees in the breeze.
So, my two wheel friends, enjoy the rumbles and poker runs at the dealership while you can.  The day is coming when you'll shop for your motorcycle at the same place where you get your iPhone...and that my friends will be a sad day.
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