Sportbikers Chase Off Cop Who Tries To Stop Their Display on Interstate

YouTube user gurustunts posted this video Monday showing a group of reckless sportbikers disregarding the CHP officer who tries to pull over several of the group.  

According to a report in the Mercury News, 

At one point, one of the motorcyclists speeds past the officer, weaving across traffic lanes. The officer follows, but then the motorcyclist filming the entire incident on his helmet camera pulls up next to the CHP officer, shooing him away.

In the video, shot on the afternoon of Oct. 11, the officer can be heard yelling at the motorcyclists "No more" and "Knock it off." The rider filming the incident again waves off the officer, who eventually does ride off.
What are your thoughts?  Criminals or just having fun?  

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Hate to say it but they got off easy with a verbal. It’s not the community I know- that shit belongs away from the public. Period.

The Biker's Broker

Stupid, yes, reckless, yes, there was other traffic on those roads. Criminal? Yes I think so. If they had been in cars they would have been pulled over and lost their license. They work lucky with the CHIPS Officer, he could have radioed for backup and busted their butts.


Don’t ever associate those guys with real bikers. Those are not bikers. They are law breaking punks. You wanna ride like an ass, get off public streets!


I know the officer and seriously, how dare you, drive on a public freeway with a total disregard for anybody else. It’s great that you are so talented and you can do wonderful things like wheelies, but really? Strength in number’s right? Here’s a man, doing his job, attempting to keep our streets safe and you think it’s ok to, “wave him off” like you’re sooooo important. If, God forbid, you crashed, what would you do if you looked to him for help and he just, “waved YOU off”? Grow up


They should all be arrested and have their license revoked.


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